Thinking of traveling to Italy this Fall? Start planning an intimate travel experience with Johnny Madge!

...Johnny Madge's food, wine and (of course) olive oil tour of The Cilento.

WHERE, you are asking is, The Cilento?

And that is part of the charm of this rustic trip. Very few people, even in Italy, know this area which boasts some incredible jewels: the Best Mozzarella on the Planet, the Best Olive Oil in Italy (Olive Japan 2018), some of the best wines in Italy – both red and white, an extraordinary premium-level dried fig producer, as well as delicious cheeses and salumi.

If this were not enough, the Greek Temples of Paestum overlook the fields where the buffalos are busy making mozzarella. A week will be spent delving deep into the unique food culture that is hidden away in this gorgeous area by the sea just south of the crazy business of the Amalfi coast.

Check back soon to get further details!

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