The Vasadonna farm located in the province of Catania is located on the slopes of Mt. Etna. There are over 3200 trees, which yield over 5000 liters of extra virgin olive oil every year!

The name Vasadonna was taken to commemorate the physical and geological location of the region named Vasadonna. It was known as an area where the women in the locality would go down to the river to wash their clothes, in hopes of perhaps meeting their lovers for a secret rendezvous.

They name their oils Tenuta Vasadonna, which include two, organic monocultivars;

Nocellara Etnea, and Nocellara Messinsese. The acidity (i.e. free fatty acid content is well below the 0.80% at a respectable 0.20%) that assures the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Harvesting is by hand and by mechanical rakes and usually takes place in October and November, and within a day is milled into oil that is stored in temperature controlled-stainless steel tanks with inert gas to ward off oxidation.

Nocellara Etnea is a very versatile extra virgin olive oil and can be used for a variety of dishes from your kitchen but especially on grilled vegetables, soft cheeses and grilled fish.


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