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Alfredo Cetrone

Alfredo Cetrone

"Alfredo Cetrone: grower by passion"! This is the perfect description of our very good friend, Alfredo Cetrone.

The Cetrone family has been cultivating olives since 1860. The Cetrone farm is located in Sonnino, in the province of Latina, just south west of Rome very close to the Mediterranean Sea. The Sea air, rocky soil and altitude all combine to provide a unique environment and influence the magnificent qualities of Alfredo’s extra virgins.

We spent an entire day with Alfredo in Sonnino, among the hills of his groves and in his immaculate olive oil mill with our videographers capturing this great master performing his life long work with joy!

You can now behold and experience Alfredo's great passion, skill and expertise, which he uses to make his Monocultivar, Itrana extra virgins!

Please watch our fantastic video and witness how this great Maestro creates his magnificent extra virgin olive oils.