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Health Benefits

Liquid Gold

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food…….”       Hippocrates

For thousands of years Olive Oil has had a history of many uses and was dubbed Liquid Gold by the philosopher Homer.

Olive oil has played a major role in ancient civilizations, ethnic cuisines and religious events.  It has been used internally as a food and as a medicine and externally for beauty and cosmetic purposes.

Ancient Greeks and Romans adorned themselves with olive oil for sporting events and rituals. It has been also used to preserve other foods, used as lamp oil for light, and also as a currency.

We at Extra Virgin Olio by Madge & Louie’s want to describe more fully and direct your attention to 100% Extra Virgins Olive Oil’s effects on your health and longevity.  It not only makes food taste better, but is an essential fat, one of the few that is very, very good for you and your health.


Why 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Healthiest Food on the Planet

  • Reduce cancer risk by lowering inflammation and cellular proliferation;
  • Decrease heart disease risk factors by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing blood clotting and improving the health of arterial linings;
  • Protect the body from oxygen-free radicals and promote healthy cognitive function;
  • Relieve inflammation and joint pain (arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis);
  • Benefit the intestinal tract  —  easily digestible;
  • May help in weight loss.

Also, here are some more interesting facts of the health benefits of extra virgin olive oils:

  • courtesy of Randal Abney, Uncommon Gourment Associates.
  • Gary Beauchamp PhD in Biopsychology at the Monnell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, PA, has found through chemical analysis- that there was a connection between ibuprofen and EVOO. Tests over 6 years discovered that polyphenols and other minor components in EVOO are the main source of the health benefits; he named it OLEOCANTHAL.


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