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Azienda Agricola Donata Conserva (Mimi)

Azienda Agricola Donata Conserva (Mimi)

We have duly been aware and paying attention to this impressive Producer for many years! Mimi has been consistent in their quality of superior olive oils and they've earned multiple awards every year in venues around the world. This year they've taken Gold and Silver Medals at the Los Angeles and New York International Olive Oil Competitions, and this has been the usual pattern. Mimi has also dominated European competitions consistently as well!

Frantoio Mimi is located in Contrada Gravinella in Modugno, Puglia. It opened at this location in 2015 using the latest technology and utilizing energy saving equipment to produce very high quality oil with a guarantee of extreme cleanliness and control of the extraction temperatures.

The mill has "2 lines": one from "Pieralisi" and the other the latest generation of "Mori-Tem" equipment that are truly "state of the art" in milling in the olive oil industry. The production process conforms to the highest standards and even exceeds them:

The fresh picked olives are washed and dried immediately before milling ("pressing").

The rotation speed of the blades can be controlled in order to best assess the flavor profile of the oil being produced.

The paste is cooled in a heat exchanger bringing the temperature down to a maximum of 68 degrees f.

The oil is filtered immediately after leaving the centrifuge (extractor).Tthe entire process is digitally controlled by computer touchscreens to control the temperature and speed in each stage of production.

The oil is bottled and stored under nitrogen gas (to prevent oxidation).

All the oils are analyzed by Certified laboratories and expert tasters.

All of this care and extra attention to detail produces a superior quality extra virgin olive oil from the land of Apulia!